Lightning node:
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Y┬┤alls: Peep on what is going on with the Lightning Network
Lightningnetwork+: Liquidity Swaps organizing tool
LNnodeinsight - Nice tool for node statistics and to find good peers
Node Doctor / Terminal Web - Ranking and suggestions
Amboss: Lightning Network Explorer
Reddit Lightning Sub
Moneni: Various Bitcoin and Lightning services
Andreas M. Antonopoulos explains Lightning
Satoshi Nakamoto - Bitcoin Whitepaper (Fuck CSW!)

Some tips for beginners:

1. Don't open small channels with less than 500000 sat. You will close them later anyway, so you can save money avoiding this. Actually the higher the amount of the channel is, the lower is the loss of onchain fees in percentage to the total, when a force close happens.

2. Avoid paying too much onchain fee. In the beginning you might be too excited to be thinking about return on investement, but the big priority fees that you'll pay, will be very hard to get back later. You need to be informed about how big the Bitcoin mempool is and how much fee you need to pay at the moment to get your tx confirmed within X blocks. If you want to save more fees, think about open multiple channels in a batch with bos (balance of satoshis) .

3. Be patient!!! You might want to quickly open channels to watch the routings flowing through your node, but most likely there will be no action if you do that. Do a good research before you open channels. Check if you can contact the owner, in case there are issues with your channel. It is possible, that you have to wait for months until you see daily routings. The older your node is, the more it will be recognized as a routing node by others and they will choose it for their payments. Meanwhile you can learn alot, so use the time to study.

4. When routings are forwarded through your node, you only earn the fee with your outbound channel, which means the inbound channel is always for free.